Monday, January 9, 2012

Call for Design-Team Members

Hi crafty friends! We're looking for experienced paper crafters to create innovative PictureThatSound projects for national television and the web. Check out this blog site for projects submitted by other customers and designers.

The entire PictureThatSound card can be covered in paper. The sound will play through the paper just fine. Make sure to note the Play button with a sticker or other embellishment. 

Designs should appeal to a broad, mainstream audience. Consider unique sounds that customers would want to capture for memory keeping. Submissions should include a photo, video or MPEG file of sound recording, and a supply list. 

Candidates should email no later than Friday, January 27th. Include a link to your blog and a description of two different projects you would like to create for Picture That Sound. We’ll then select candidates within one week.  PictureThatSound products will be provided to those selected designers. Designers will submit finished projects to Picture That Sound for use on TV and/or Web. Projects will include designer’s mention on TV and/or Web.  All chosen projects must include a photo release from anyone featured in the project.

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